Review | Zoella Beauty: Let’s Glow candle

Zoella was the very first YouTuber I started watching and the first blog I started reading she has been a huge inspiration to me over the years and inspired me to start this here blog so when I found out about her beauty range I had to get a hold of it so far I only have the Let’s Glow candle but trust me I will be buying more.

So far I’ve bought the Zoella beauty Let’s Glow candle and can I just say I’ve been loving it, it is so nice. If you haven’t got it or smelt it the smell is quite a floral smell(but it’s not over powering) with a subtle hint of vanilla coming through. The smell lingers in the air for a good while in the air as well which I also like. The one downside to it though is the price. Although it is only £5 its not very big, but in all fairness you do get a lot of use out of it, I’ve had it burning all evening for the past two days and its not burned very much at all. Plus with the design of the label it is just too cute to pass it. Definitely going to stock up on these.


One thought on “Review | Zoella Beauty: Let’s Glow candle

  1. Hi! this is a really cool blog! i love Zoella and really want this candle! I would also love it if you could check out my blog? You may like it! 🙂


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